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Nfluence of firming agents of structure of fruit and vegetables of tinned production

Morgunova E. M., Paulouskaya L. M., Safronova D. A., Drobilina T. I .
Results of researches on application of firming agents at manufacturing of the tinned production, providing formation of the set structure of fruit an...

Features of the production technology low-protein foods

Grigel A. I.
Phenylketonuria is a hereditary disease associated with a violation of the metabolism of amino acids, in particular phenylalanine. It is accompanied b...

Rational dosages for use of emulsions from collagen containing raw materials in meat products with different degree of meat raw material grinding

Kaltovich I. V.
The article presents the results of research on the determination of rational dosages for the use of emulsions from collagen-containing raw materials,...

Specialized bakery products for the correction of nutritional imbalance in school-age children

Kolosovskaya L. S., Sevastey L. I., Pashuk S. V., Birulya I. V.
The article considers aspects of the development of technology for the production of bakery products for the nutrition of school-age children with a l...

Zenon Valentinovich Lovkis: Scientist, Professor, Director (оn the 75th Anniversary of his birth)

Editorial article

Investment and innovation strategies of business entities of the «Belgospischeprom» concern for 2021-2027

Gerasenko A. V.
he article is devoted to the directions of investment and innovative development of one of the largest holding structures of the Republic of Belarus -...

Improvement of ethyl alcohol biosynthesis when ferrying apple wort, obtained on the basis of innovative solutions for processing secondary raw materials

Kulagova E. P., Pushkar A. A., Yudenko O. N., Zubkouskaya О. L.
The article studies the effect of introducing an intermediate fraction of fruit distillate into the wort sent for fermentation in order to prevent the...

Technological aspects of development confectionery products’ with polyols

Marhunova A. M., Shugaeva T. V., Gershonchik K. N.
The article substantiates the relevance ofthe development of confectionery products with a reduced content of easily digestible carbohydrates and cont...

Falsification of citrus juices

Lilishentseva A. N., Borovaya K. V.
The problem of falsification of juice products today is urgent due to the fact that this group of food products is consumed by all segments of the pop...

The influence of yeast on the formation of varietal characteristics of apple natural wines

Zubkouskaya О. L., Yudzenka O. N., Rabchonak N. R., Kulagova E. P.
Fermentation is one of the most important stages in the production of fruit wines that determines the formation of their varietal characteristics. The...